Eco Eco
Case Study: The Boundary House
August 2002 (1.4Mb)
  EcoTech Kent Design
Conserving the Earth's resources
Feb 2001 (313Kb)
  The Guardian The Guardian
Eco Friendly of Tunbridge
July 3rd 1999 (1.2Mb)
Kent Design Kent Design
The Boundary House - a highly energy efficient home
2002 (252Kb)
  The Times The Times
Build yourself a greener house
March 10th 2001 (742Kb)
  Eco Self Build
Building for the future
June 1999 (984Kb)
Living Etc Living ETC
Why we choose the country
April 2002 (1.8Mb)
  EcoTech Eco Tech
Book Reviews
March 2000 (376Kb)
  Eco The East Anglian Magazine
Behind the Green Doors
April 1999 (633Kb)
Build It Build It
The green house in the woods
March 2002 (1.7Mb)
  Architecture Today Architecture Today
Round Europe
February 2000 (824Kb)
  Working together in Kent Working together in Kent
Young designers rise to the challenge
January 1999 (288Kb)
Kent Design Kent Design
Boundary House: Objective 9
March 2002 (155Kb)
  The East Anglian Magazine The East Anglian Magazine
Our Planet
January 2000 (711Kb)
  The Buildings Review, London and South East 1998 Buildings Review
The Boundary House
1998 (161Kb)
Homebuilding and Renovating Homebuilding & Renovating
Less is more
February 2002 (745Kb)
  The Estates Gazette Estates Gazette
Property: Self Builders
August 1999 (296Kb)
  Homebuilding and Renovating Homebuilding & Renovating
Eco House style
November 1998 (2.5Mb)
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