Tuz House

Hildenborough, Kent

An example of a major refurbishment of an existing house.

The brief from Mr and Mrs Tuz was to tidy up and modernise their existing 3 bedroom house with the addition of 2 bedrooms and a bathroom.

The ground floor required a more contemporary and open layout to maximise space and to allow more flexibility in use. The refurbishment involved the demolition of a number of dilapidated outbuildings including a double garage and a bathroom block.

The design concept was to express this additional accommodation architecturally but also to have any extension remain in keeping with the external character of the existing house and surroundings. The prominent 2 storey extension has therefore been modelled to fit in with the existing whilst the single storey extension to the rear allowed to express itself with alternative orientation and finishes.

Total area of the extended house is approximately 1850 sqft/170m2
including 750 sqft / 70m2 extension
Total cost £150,000
Completed 2001